Roy Ronel Dan has been caught by the Feds of conning people out of money via Total Building Needs, Jem Homes International and Shine Credit Microfinance. -IF YOU GAVE HIM MONEY OR ARE THINKING OF IT PLEASE READ ON. Case No. 21-19086-EPK and Case No. 23-01180-EPK

7/13/2024 – Health issues have ‘retired’ Roy finally. I did notice had bad he looked on the creditor meeting video in 2022 and am not surprised at what I was told a few days ago with a list of ailments. Being overweight, getting older, and the stress all caught up with him. As for the BK, they are still looking for any money at this point and when another update happens I will post it here. So far no money has been found and Roy does not have it. Might be he takes this information to his grave. Since we are pretty much at the end you can call me at 954-394-8574. I will post the final numbers for the BK but if you are waiting on any money it will be very little divided by a lot of victims at this point.

4/10/2024 – If you are a victim of Roy Dan in the last three years please contact me at or 954-394-8574. You need to be made aware of what additional risk you could be exposed if Roy had paid you back any funds. If he has contacted you at the present time please contact me as well. THE FEDS ARE INVESTIGATING THIS SO DON’T GET DRAGGED DOWN WITH HIM FOR MONEY LAUNDERING.

2/13/2024 – Posting the judgments

Judgement against Roy R. Dan for $993,997Click here to view

Judgement against Jenifer Dan for $20,000Click here to view

Judgement against Total Building Needs for $875,997.76Click here to view

All the scams as described by the court – Click here to view – an overview of all his scams. By far the best document for you to read showing his conning methods. Scroll down to read them all.

1/25/2024 – Warning! Roy has been contacting some people he scammed to try and scam them again with promises of being paid back. He is offering to use life insurance as collateral.

1/24/2024 – Roy did not appear for his 1/10/2024 court hearing concerning the Federal Lawsuit (click on link below to view) against him. A default judgement was entered. For an unknown reason, the official case docket on PACER has not been updated at all since 10/17/2023. I will post the next update filed as it should be any day.

9/18/2023 – (click to download) FEDERAL LAWSUIT filed against Roy CLEARLY showing his deception and the money he stole from innocent people. Here is a excerpt: 130. Roy Dan used Total Building Needs as a mere sham or device for the improper, illegal, fraudulent, and unjust purpose of fraudulently inducing clients and /or investors into transferring assets to the Debtor. Roy Dan then transferred those funds to the Total Building Needs to pay for the personal expenses of Roy Dan and his family.
131. The Debtor either never intended to build affordable housing for its clients, but only used the lure of buying land and manufacturing affordable homes to the Debtor’s clients to financially benefit Roy Dan and his family through fraudulent claims that Total Building Needs was providing services to the Debtor

8/9/2023 – New lawsuit against Roy (click to download) for conning an investor over the make believe homes. The difference in this lawsuit is Roy signed a personal guarantee for the money. I notice in the suit Roy was using his closed company called SHINE CREDIT MICROFINANCE, LLC. It was dissolved by the State of Florida in 2017. Default judgment entered on 10/20/2023

UPDATE!!– A motion for a special accounting firm was approved to do forensic accounting to see where all the money has gone even before the bankruptcy was filed. Read #5 on the second page if you are in a hurry. After the judge approves the motion Roy will be investigated for FRAUD!!!. His chapter 11 bankruptcy was found to be a sham so it was converted to a chapter 7. BTW, I talked to one BK attorney familiar with the case who warned me claw backs could be coming if fraud is proven. That is if Roy paid you money back and turns out the money should have gone to someone else then you will have to pay it back. I know that Roy was paying some people partial refunds when they threatened him.

UPDATE!! – Roy has reactivated his website and removed some items. He has contacted a few people for help. It appears he wants to get back into business taking deposits for his fantasy homes that are never build. Click on and see that it goes back to Total Building Needs. Roy recently reactivated that company website in Sunbiz. I have already been contacted by some people who said Roy was trying to raise money for Total Building Needs and offering collateral on his life insurance policies.

Top Roy Dan Documents to view if you have any dealings with him. Click on the link to view documents.

  1. Roy’s presentation of himself of what an incredible person he is. Count the lies. On page 14 of his presentation he states that besides a low monthly payment will include basic furniture, and utilities. (How considerate)

2. Roy’s arrest record (click to download). It shows a detailed pattern of deception.

3. Lawsuit against Roy (click to download) by one victim, Sheron Watston, over Roy stealing her deposit money.

4. Another lawsuit by another victim, Martha Figueroa, for a stolen $10K deposit.

5. Lawsuit for land Roy tried to obtain.

6. Lawsuit from a architectural firm for plans. Roy was given the plans but never paid a dime. He is using them for a supposed condominium project in Saint Martin for another con to try and get investors. Judgment filed against Roy. He did not even acknowledge the lawsuit!

7. His mugshot. I talked to someone who Roy said recently he had been in the hospital for heart issues. This time I do believe it as does not look well. Stress catches up with you. He pulled the health issues card on me in 2004 when I was swindled. Here are some images when Roy was conning me and we went to Miami to buy computers. I am the fat one in the blue shirt.