Look for females wanting portraits in the area of Sebring Circle Park.

I have been a photographer for over fifteen years and just moved to Sebring from Fort Lauderdale in April 2021. I am looking for models for TFP shoots . I don’t do photography for money but enjoy the creativity and accomplishment aspect of the shoot. My offer includes at least a hundred images or more depending on the number of outfits with the model getting ALL the RAW files and processed images via Dropbox. Most photographers at my ability level would charge $300-500 dollars and only give less than twenty processed images. Photographers that do it for money never give the RAW files.

What to expect:

Time: The shoot would be Saturday or Sunday from 3:30-4:00PM until dusk for best lighting. My goal is for the best quality images and lighting is key to that. I am not doing photography for money and never will so I have to control the times the shoot can be done.

Area: The park with the exception that the monument is off limits. There is also a Sadie Kahn Memorial Park with a shaded stairway. The alleyways (South and North Wall Street) that surround Circle Drive have some interesting brick walks which make good backgrounds.

Outfits – at least four to seven with different looks. I have bags of props such as hats and sunglasses. Bring your smile as well as your attitude as I like images of both.

What do I do with the images? I don’t sell the images. I will process the ones that I like and post them in a new album for my large Flickr collection. The model is free to do with the images whatever she wants. She can sell them and I will sign a release if requested. It is a hobby so no money involved.

Can I get images of a spouse or other family member during the shoot? Yes, I can take images of spouses and even kids during the shoot but I will never post those images. I have done that many times in the past.

Where can the model change clothing? The new Purufresh or one of the other businesses that are open around the circle. The trick is to ask nicely.

Is an escort required? I find that a supportive person escorting the model makes for a better shoot. The model is more relaxed with someone they know so I welcome any supporting escort from husbands, boyfriends, fathers, or best friend.

Can we end the shoot with sundown images at City Pier Beach? If you want.

Can I bring a friend or my sister along for two of us together? Yes, it can be slightly hazardous for me but that ‘s fine.

I’m an MMA fighter. Can you take images of me in action? Yes,

If interested email or IM me. Email is lautermilch@gmail.com

All the images in this post were taken by me and can be found in this Flick album . To really see the quality click twice on the image.