Are you being bombarded by spam phone calls trying to sound official and offer you an extended auto warranty? I am really getting sick of it was been going on for a number of months for me. I have a 2016 Hyundai and sometimes I will get up to four phone calls in one day. I do have spam blocking but they always get through.

A few weeks ago one called when I was a bit irritated as soon as he said it was calling from the warranty department I decided to fight back. The conversation went something like this:

“Sir, I am calling from the extended warranty department as your standard warranty will soon be expiring and I want to make arrangements for your extended warranties so you can have peace of mind.”

“I’m so glad you called!” I happily replied. “I’m actually at the dealership right now and they said that you would be calling and I’m so relieved. This is wonderful!”

“Well, sir, I can go ahead and get some information to sign you up –“

“No,” I replied with concern. “I already have your coverage and I’m here at the dealership trying to get my car back is a bill of $7400 for engine repairs due to the fact that I did not keep oil in the engine. They told me you would be calling to let me walk over to the cashier’s office and you can make a payment arrangements so I can get my car back is a been threatening to sell it for repairs and storage fees if I don’t pay the bill. I’ve been trying to get in touch with someone in your company for months and I’m so thankful that you called finally. I’m almost broke from paying for all these Uber rides.”

“But sir I am trying to offer you extended coverage,” comes the typical reply.

“I already have it from your company. The dealership said that your someone from your company would be calling today and I have been waiting all day in the dealership lobby. So let me walk over to the cashier and you can give the payment information to get my released. That is why I bought the coverage from your company in the first place.”

Most of the time the person will continue reading their script as they don’t realize what I’m actually saying. Some will hang up the phone at this point and there are others that will offer to transfer me to customer service for help with my claim. If they do, then I repeat my story and beg for assistance to get my car released.

Hopefully they will remove my number from their database but the calls keep coming.