Are you a new Loan Officer looking for leads? My advice is to go do something else at this time. I was an LO for twenty years. I was licensed before the NMLS act. My number is 466354. You will see my license is expired.

The reason is real estate is tanking, the good old days are gone, and if I had to find an image of what being a loan officer is like today I would find a photograph of a pack of starving hyenas fighting each other over a almost bare animal carcass.

I never used Doren but see that he has unhappy former customers. Click to read for yourself. I’m not picking on him but do object to anyone selling promises of success. He and others post often on Facebook that they can either get you leads or teach you how to do it.

The real truth is that way too many Loan Officers and Realtors are fighting for scraps. The old timers are still making it as they have the connections and the experience. A newbie does not.

I hate reading posts by newbie Loan Officers or realtors investing so much money and expecting to make money when their is too much competition at this time.

I got out of it in March of 2022 when rates spiked. Actually I was clipped as when the business dropped my services as a LOA where not needed. I saw the writing on the way and got my P&C license.

So plan to do something else. Real estate always comes back. We are heading into a cycle which will be very intense where people leave the house keys on the kitchen table. With insurance and other costs going up combined with creeping inflation with food and other expenses the total bill for their current lifestyle will exceed their income. Downsizing to something affordable will be the new trend and the McMansions will sit empty.

The winds of change in real estate will soon be blowing very hard.