I do paid and TFP photo shoots at home studio and around Sebring. Here is my Model Mayhem profile.

Click on the image and a new window will open with all the images from the Flickr album. Some weekends I am in Miami Beach and use the area of 15th Street between Ocean Drive and the beach for a backdrop.

If interested email lautermilch@gmail.com

ModelMayhem –https://www.modelmayhem.com/lautermilch


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/deanlautermilch/


1. Two to three hours of shooting time. I will take 500-1200 images on average.

2. I ask the model to bring several changes of clothing include one set of blue jeans and either a dark red or dark blue top for grayscale images. Denim jeans and/or shorts are always good.

3. The model is encouraged to
bring an escort such as a friend or family member. I like someone watching my back so I can concentrate on taking images. Having someone they know with them makes the model a lot more relaxed and it shows in the images.

4. I will deliver the RAW files within a few hours days via a Dropbox share.

5. I will post the images I select and process on my Flickr website.It will take me up to a week to ten days to process all the images that I select. I will take requests from you such as to process a certain image that I did not select or to remove an image that you are not in favor of having posted.

6. As the model you can do what you want with the images. They are your property as well. I will only use them on my Flickr site or perhaps put a link on this website for the best images but I don’t sell them.

7. This is a TF exchange so *NO* money changes hands. Click here for an article explaining TF. If I have emailed you then your Model Mayhem profile shows you are open to TF exchanges.