I have been a photographer for over fifteen years and just moved to Sebring from Fort Lauderdale in April. I am looking for models for both paid and TFP shoots taking place indoor and outdoor. I don’t do photography for money but enjoy the creativity and accomplishment aspect of the shoot.

Indoor shoot at my studio

I have a large home studio with twin strobes and seven different backgrounds that produces a professional look. I am right across the street from Southgate Shopping center in Sebring. To go through all the backgrounds with time to change will be two and a half to three hours. The model is welcome and encouraged to bring an escort/chaperone as long as that person is a positive asset to the event. For the indoor studio I am looking for models for a variety of shoots from fashion to artistic.

Outdoor shoots

I am always open for an outdoor shoot in Sebring or the surrounding area.


I will compensate a model different ways and everything will be clear before the shoot begins.

For Pros that are traveling and willing to stop by Sebring I will negotiate compensation that includes their travel rate to this area as I only use flat rate of number of outfits instead of hourly. For Pros that are hourly only please don’t contact me.

For models I prefer as they ‘catch my eye’ I will set a flat rate per shoot for a specific number of outfits. The model gets all the images from the shoot including the processed JPGs via a Dropbox link. My only use of the images will be posting to my Flickr account.

For male models I will trade for a model that I would want to photographer in a TFP transaction.

Body modifications

I am older and not a fan of any body modifications such as tattoos, obvious breast implants, or piercings that cannot be removed for the shoot. I don’t mind a tattoo that is not visible or a small one that is as I can erase it in Photoshop, but I don’t want to see them in my images.


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