My Concealed Weapon Permit

My Decision to Carry:

In the very near future a CAT10 Financial Hurricane is going to hit America and the rest of the world. There is a very good chance it will be a mass devaluation of the dollar or it could be hyperinflation when the world dumps the 8.4 trillion dollars that are currently held. Our ‘day of reckoning’ has been predicted since the 1970s when the government abandoned the gold standard. One way to ‘fix’ the dollar is a mass devaluation which will come in the overnight hours and people will awaken to discovering their wealth has been a vapor they just vanished. The other path of hyperinflation would take a few days to occur as everyone is dumping dollars and they become a ‘hot potato’ that nobody wants and prices are changing by the hour or the minute. Regardless of which happens, normal society is going to breakdown in the first half hour. Even under martial law there will be large scale rioting. Local law enforcement will be quickly overwhelmed and the military does not have the resources to police America since it is already policing the world. In the video above is Reginald Denny who happened to be dragged out and beaten by a crowd just for being the wrong color in the wrong place after the Rodney King riots. The anger at that time is going to be nothing compared to the anger/fear combination when the money is worthless and food no longer obtainable. Even before this event happens crime has been escalating. In Miami people performing yard work are being robbed for their jewelry at gunpoint by passing vehicles. Home invasions are on the rise and a lot of innocent people are getting killed. Several convenience within walking distance of my home have been robbed in the last month. It is only a matter of time before I am faced with a crime and have decided to do something about it. Under Florida law I can carry a firearm and decided to do so. I took the class for $45, drove to Miami the next day and did my paperwork at the Florida office and paid $117 more. Ten days later I had my CWP in my hand. A note for those of you wanting a CWP you can get it a lot faster by doing the application at a state office. There are ten regional locations.

The Weapon

There certainly are a lot of choices with what gun to carry. For most it can be a complex decision between size and stopping power. I’ve had many Rugers in my life. I’ve always felt that Ruger was the best blend of price, performance and quality. My first plan was to get the Ruger SR940 but after intense research I made the decision that while .40 is a small notch above 9mm in performance it is not worth the extra expense when everything is considered so I got the SR9c.

The Holster

Selecting the holster took a lot more time and research that choosing a weapon. The holster has to meet multiple requirements:

  1. It has to keep the weapon concealed. Those of that carry in warmer climates have an extra challenge of keeping the gun out of sight.
  2. It has to protect the trigger so that an accidental discharge can be prevented.
  3. It has to keep the weapon accessible for fast access.
  4. It has to be comfortable to wear.

Adding to the requirements in my case is that fact I am overweight. Check out any holster advertisement or video demonstration and you will see slender models giving the demonstrations. Some of the videos seem to have a duel intention such as this one:

A Thunderwear Clone

The first holster I got was a ‘Thunderwear’ clone that someone was selling on EBay for $50 with a leather wallet. I have to admit it was a bit strange first strap it on and place a weapon so close to my winkie. After adjusting a bit low as the instructions suggested, I had my blue jeans on and the weapon was concealed. I was afraid to carried chambered but the clip was loaded. Drawing the weapon with the Thunderware clone was easy and fast as long as the fingers slip into the correct place. I did a lot of walking with the Thunderwear Clone but there was no way I would carry any gun chambered without the trigger being protected.

3-Speed Holster Reivew -

I went to see Joe @ 3-Speed at his business in nearby Oakland Park, Florida with the question of how would a 3-Speed Holster work with someone whom is overweight. He was very interested in this and a week later had a custom holster made. On his wall are models of all common handguns so the kydex can be molded exactly. Advantages: 1. Gun is totally concealed more than any other holster. Even I police officer would not know I was packing. The only person whom might give it a glace is a size queen 2. Trigger is protected 3. Holster has space for extra magazine. With the Ruger SR9c you get a ten and seventeen shot magazines. I prefer the ten shot with the finger extension. I can easily carry the seventeen shot as well with the 3-Speed.


Due to my weight issue, I wanted to try carrying at 3:00 (on my hip). The Minotaur MTAC has a lot of good reviews so I ordered one and a week later I got it. Advantages 1. The MTAC puts the weapon at a perfect drawing position. You can adjust the cant (angle) and the depth of the weapon.   Disadvantages 1. Shirts – I would not dare wear this without a tucked in shirt. A lot of people carry with shirts not tucked in but you risk showing you have a weapon by reaching to a high shelf in a store and having then wrong person call 911 which has happened to some people with CWPs. I’ve been ordering extra shirts from Jiffyshirts which has the best prices on Polos I have seen and I get the next day via UPS ground from Orlando. 2. Stiff compared to the 3-Speed  

My current preferences:

My feeling is that having just one holster is not going to be enough for all situations. While they are not cheap at around sixty to one hundred dollars for a quality leader one it is worthwhile to get more than one in different styles. For example:
1. If I was going to drive all day in areas where I doubt I would need a firearm but simply wanted to have it, I would wear my Thunderwear clone. It is the most comfortable with the main disadvantage of not carrying chambered since the trigger is not being protected. Many men would be turned off at the idea of carrying a firearm in such a private area but it does work well.
2. For walking for exorcise in gym clothes nothing is better than the 3-Speed at 3′oclock. The gun is chambered and a second away and I don’t even know it is there.
3. If I was going to Miami and other places were I feel I want the fastest access to the weapon, I would wear the MTAC. With the MTAC I check my shirt every time I get out of the car to make sure it is still tucked in neatly.
4. If I need to go out of my apartment for a few minute trip, it is back to the 3-Speed at the twelve o’clock position.


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