I photograph models using downtown Hollywood as a set. The downtown historic district including the Young Circle Arts Park provide quite a number of backdrops. While I have worked with an occasional professional I prefer models just starting out and wanting to build their jlportfolios. I have noticed that too many models have a few bikini shots for a portfolio and advertise they are looking for paid work. Here is one informative page what your portfolio should contain, A model needs a wide range their portfolio besides ‘cheesecake’.3993483622_bc159b2214_z6023797581_20134cf642_z

The shoot will be around two hours depending on the weather. I will process the images and post them to my website and the give you a DVD of the processed images as well as the original Nikon NEF files.


  • Feel free to bring multiple changes of clothing. There are some clean rooms in downtown Hollywood where you can change. I am  friends with the owners of NE Fashion (Elan Clothes) and they let the models store their bags at the business as well as using their dressing rooms.gina
  • I will give/mail you within a week the DVD of all images both the RAW files in Nikon format and the JPGs that I have processs and posted.
  • I will post the choice images on my websites and send you the links and will add that contact information that you choose.


  • I would ask you bring one dark blue or red top with blue jeans as I like to work in grayscale and those colors convert best.
  • There are many modeling websites such as Model Mayhem (My profile ) and One Model Place where you can post your profile and images so that you can work 5902297567_afe4b8e98d_zwith other photographers.5925553865_ac1d9964ac_z
  • This is a TFDVD exchange.

 So if you are interested then please email me.