I photograph models in downtown Hollywood and Miami Beach on weekends as a hobby. While I have worked with an occasional professional I prefer models just starting out and wanting to build their portfolios. I have noticed that too many models have a few bikini shots for a portfolio and advertise they are looking for paid work. Here is one informative page what your portfolio should contain, A model needs a wide range their portfolio besides ‘cheesecake’.
The shoot will be around two hours depending on the weather. I will process the images and post them to my website and the give you a DVD of the processed images as well as the original Nikon NEF files.


You are encouraged to bring along a supportive chaperone as long as it is not a BF with jealously issues that is going to debate with you during the shoot. I’ve shot with over protective fathers and big brothers only ten feet away and don’t have a problem with it. I like to concentrate while taking shots and it is nice to have someone watching for anybody walking up to interfere for one reason or another. Some models have had their friends assist me with the shoot with direction and suggestions as well as act as a MUA (make-up artist). I am not a control freak and don’t mind helpful input. If it is your very first shoot you’re going to be stressed enough without being alone. It will show in your face in the images, trust me. Bring someone along. The shoot will take around two hours and you should be enjoying yourself.


If interested please contact me